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The Importance of Multimedia Education in the Informatization of Society


Oleksandr Kuchai, Kateryna Skyba, Angela Demchenko, Nataliia Savchenko, Yana Necheporuk†††††, Oksana Rezvan


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 797-803


The article analyzes the role of multimedia education in the formation of the information society. The information sphere is qualified both as a separate sector of the economy and as a factor in the modernization of education. The essence of the term ""information society"" is outlined. The phrase ""information society"" refers to the society in which information becomes a commodity, it is interpreted as a special intangible, equilibrium or the most valuable of material goods. Informatization of society is defined as a global social process, the feature of which is that the dominant activity in the field of social production is the collection, accumulation, production, processing, storage, transmission and use of information. The emergence and development of the information society determine the widespread use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education, which is motivated by many factors that are disclosed in the article. Various ways of using multimedia technologies in the educational process are described. There are three ways to implement multimedia education, adapted to the level of personal development and intellectual abilities.


multimedia education, information society, information sphere, modernization of education, factors, personality development, information and communication technologies.