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Underwater GPS System for Autonomous Underwater Wireless Drone Control


Yukiko Muller, Shiho Oshiro, Shigeo Nakagawa, and Tomohisa Wada


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 817-823


This research describes an underwater positioning system for swarming multiple AUVs. The existing Global Positioning System satellite (GPS) constellation provides limited availability and reliability. Thus, it is of interest to examine GPS using the integrated GNSS advantage. The purpose is to explore the usage underwater and subsurface monitoring, drone-based monitoring, digital forensic environment, and other defense-related applications. With the Long Base Line (LBL) technique, the proposed system contains three and four known reference points. And as a result, an LBL underwater acoustic positioning system is ideal for low-cost autonomous underwater AUV control. This is a cutting-edge technique for technical application that will allow the drone to inspect the ship and detect any damage by scanning the submerged surface of marine ships and receiving accurate damage position information. Using this system, we can achieve a more accurate positions for the three and four reference points. A computer-based signal processing comparison of 3 BS vs 4 BS: Four scenarios were simulated, with the SL’s Carrier to Noise to Ratio CNR=0dB and the DL’s CNR dB=6dB and CNR=0dB and the DL’s CNR dB=6dB.


Underwater GPS, Underwater Positioning, Underwater Communications, Underwater applications