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European Experience in Implementing Innovative Educational Technologies in the Field of Culture and the Arts: Current Problems and Vectors of Development


Kdyrova I. O., Grynyshyna M. O., Yur M. V., Osadcha O. A., Varyvonchyk A.


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 39-48


The main purpose of the work is to analyze modern innovative educational practices in the field of culture and art and their effectiveness in the context of the spread of digitalization trends. The study used general scientific theoretical methods of analysis, synthesis, analogy, comparative, induction, deduction, reductionism, and a number of others, allowing you to fully understand the pattern of modern modernization processes in a long historical development and demonstrate how the rejection of the negativity of progress allows talented artists to realize their own potential. The study established the advantages and disadvantages of involving innovative technologies in the educational process on the example of European experience and outlined possible ways of implementing digitalization processes in Ukrainian institutions of higher education, formulated the main difficulties encountered by teachers and students in the use of technological innovation in the pandemic.


digitalization, distance learning, art education, fine art, stage art, design, music art, creativity.