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Means of Visualization in Teaching Ukrainian as a Foreign Language to Modern Students with Clip Way of Thinking


Iryna Kushnir, Iryna Zozulia, Olha Hrytsenko, Tetiana Uvarova, Iuliia Kosenko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 55-60


Acceleration of the pace of life, increasing the amount of information, the emergence of “clip way of thinking” as a phenomenon has led to the problem of choosing forms of presentation of educational materials to students. One of the ways to solve this problem is to use the means of visualization of information flow, forasmuch as the thinking of modern youth is more effective in perceiving visual images than verbal means. The purpose of the research is to prove the effectiveness of the use of visualization in the process of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language to students with clip way of thinking. The following methods have been used, namely: analysis, synthesis, comparison, systematization and generalization of scientific literature; testing and surveys; pedagogical experiment; quantitative and qualitative analysis of data, interpretation and generalization of the research results. The essence of visualization means has been revealed; the expediency of their use in the methodology of teaching foreign students the Ukrainian language has been substantiated. It has been proven that the role of Ukrainian teachers lies in taking into account all new trends in teaching, integrating computer perception of information by foreign students into teaching technology and using cognitive visualization in order to intensify the learning process.


visualization, Ukrainian as a foreign language, educational activities, clip way of thinking.