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Virtual Assets as the Newest Object of Property Rights


Iryna Davydova, Serhii Zhurylo, Olena Tserkovna, Lidiia Herasymchuk, and Vira Tokareva


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 115-120


New realities of social relations are changing the understanding of certain phenomena, including the emergence of new concepts among the objects of property rights, such as: virtual assets, and the circulation of virtual assets. The rapid development of the virtual assets market involves the legislative consolidation of the status of such assets, changes in taxation, their circulation, and so on. These circumstances increase the interest in the study of virtual assets as the latest object of property rights and necessitate the study of this topic. The work aims to explore the theoretical developments and regulations on virtual assets in the modern world, as well as to summarize the conclusions about virtual assets as the latest object of property rights. The object of research is the content of the concept of ""virtual asset"" and its legal status. The methodology of work is represented by a set of methods and techniques that were used to achieve this goal, namely: hermeneutic, historical, extrapolation, comparative law, generalization, analysis, synthesis, and deduction. The study analyzed different approaches to understanding virtual assets, analyzed the characteristics of virtual assets, and concluded that in today's conditions there is no single unified legal regulation of virtual assets, although many countries are moving towards consolidating the status of virtual assets.


virtual asset, digital record, legislative regulation, object of property right.