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Effective Methods for Heart Disease Detection via ECG Analyses


Andrii Yavorsky and Taras Panchenko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 127-134


Generally developed for medical testing, electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings seizure the cardiac electrical signals from the surface of the body. ECG study can consequently be a vital first step to support analyze, comprehend, and expect cardiac ailments accountable for 31% of deaths globally. Different tools are used to analyze ECG signals based on computational methods, and explicitly machine learning method. In all abovementioned computational simulations are prevailing tools for cataloging and clustering. This review demonstrates the different effective methods for heart disease based on computational methods for ECG analysis. The accuracy in machine learning and three-dimensional computer simulations, among medical inferences and contributions to medical developments. In the first part the classification and the methods developed to get data and cataloging between standard and abnormal cardiac activity. The second part emphases on patient analysis from entire ECG recordings due to different kind of diseases present. The last part represents the application of wearable devices and interpretation of computer simulated results. Conclusively, the discussion part plans the challenges of ECG investigation and offers a serious valuation of the approaches offered. Different approaches described in this review are a sturdy asset for medicinal encounters and their transformation to the medical world can lead to auspicious developments.


ECG, Machine learning, Computer simulation, CVD..