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Digital Marketing Tools for Managing the Development of Park and Recreation Complexes


Maryna Chaikovska, Hanna Mashika, Ruslana Mankovska, Zoreslava Liulchak, Pavlo Haida, Yana Diakova


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 154-162


Digital marketing tools are actively used in managing the development of park and recreation complexes to familiarize the population with the objects of natural heritage. This article aims to empirically evaluate digital marketing tools for popularizing the park and recreational complexes. The methodology was based on the concept of ecosystem value of park and recreation complexes as a natural heritage site. These methods included: identifying and selecting websites with information about park and recreation complexes in Slovakia and Ukraine. structural analysis of the main channels of online details about natural parks. Assessing the current state of online identity of the studied sites from the perspective of Internet users. The results indicate that to manage the development of park and recreational complexes developed their driven official websites in the Internet space, on which sections structure the information with the allocation of data on tourism and recreational potential. The article identifies additional digital marketing tools for managing the development of park and recreation complexes, particularly social networks and tourist websites. There is a sufficient amount of information about tourist recreation sites within these natural parks and tourist routes. Among the main problems of the websites: the information on the websites is entirely textual, there is a lack of sufficient data on social networks, despite the created official pages, there is no video content, which was more attracted tourists and visitors, allowing a visual assessment of the tourist potential; there is a problem of many communication channels to present the natural heritage of the countries. The research proves that the website is the primary and most common digital marketing tool for natural heritage, structuring information about tourism potential and recreation.


digital marketing, park and recreation complexes, natural heritage development management, marketing of natural parks, tourism.