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Linguistic and Stylistic Markers of Influence in the Essayistic Text: A Linguophilosophic Aspect


Viktoriia Kolkutina, Larysa Orekhova, Tetiana Gremaliuk, Natalia Borysenko, Inna Fedorova, Oksana Cheban


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 163-167


The article explores linguo-stylistic influence markers in essayistic texts. The novelty of this investigation is provided by its perspective. Essayism is looked at as a style of thinking and writing and studied as a holistic philosophical and cultural phenomenon, as a revalent form of comprehension of reality that features non-lasting author’s judgements and enhancement of the author’s voice in the text. Based on the texts by V. Rosanov, G.K. Chesterton, and D. Dontsov, the remarkable English, Russian, and Ukrainian essay-writers of the first party of the 20th century, the article tracks the typical ontological-and-existentialist correlation at the content, stylistic, and semantic levels. It is observed in terms of the ideas presented in the texts of these publicists and the lexico-stylistic markers of the influence on the reader that enable these ideas to implement. The explored poetic syntax, key lexemes, dialogueness, intonational melodics, specific language, free associations, aphoristic nature, verbalization of emotions and feeling in the psycholinguistic form of their expression, stress, heroic elevation, metaphors and evaluative linguistic units in the ontological-and-existentialist aspects contribute to extremely delicate and demanding nature of the essayistic style. They create a “lacework” of unpredictable properties, intellectual illumination, unexpected similarity, metaphorical freshness, sudden discoveries, unmotivated unities.


philosophy, language, stylistics, essayism, text.