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Theoretical Foundations of Management of the Education System: Optimization of the Complex of Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions for Effective Management


Olha Yuryk, Nazariy Sitsinskiy, Liudmyla Zaika, L?ubov Рshenychna, Svitlana Boiko, Myroslava Filipovych


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 168-174


The article defines the organizational conditions for effective management, the actions of the team to implement the concept of marketing management using the tools of pedagogical and strategic management. Due to this, results are achieved - indicators, since in our study they will be indicators of managerial efficiency: improving the ""organization"" function through the construction of new organizational structures; improving the functions of ""analytical activity and planning"" through enriching managerial work with economic and gnostic methods, analytical activities with the mandatory inclusion of financial activities, introspection of all participants, widespread use of licensed automated systems; synthesis of educational, economic, social results.


Innovative teaching, Higher education, Teaching technology, Information Technology.