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Obstructions of Using Educational Technology in Gifted Students’ Schools In Jeddah: Learners’ Voices


Abdullah Alammari


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 250-254


This study touched on the limitations of educational technologies in gifted students' schools depending on the learners' viewpoints. The descriptive approach was used, and the tool was represented in a questionnaire distributed to a sample of 196 gifted secondary school students in Jeddah. Results showed moderate obstacles to educational technologies in gifted students' schools. The general mean of the responses of the study sample was 2.76. based on the findings, the author suggested some recommendations to reduce the difficulties that gifted students face in using educational technologies, as well as provide gifted students with electronic applications in order to their development, and especially the development of school buildings for gifted students with modern devices to help them facilitate the use of technology.


Educational Technology, Gifted Students, Educational Process.