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Formation Of Tolerance Of Higher Education Seekers As The Main Feature Of A Modern Specialist


Myroslava Fabian, Nadiia Kuzmenko, Svitlana Zamrozevych-Shadrina, Viktoriia Perevozniuk, Tetiana Tolcheyeva, Iryna Kramarenko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 289-293


""Tolerance"" is considered as an important professional quality of a modern specialist, which is manifested in an active moral position and readiness for constructive interaction with other participants in the pedagogical process; characterized by the manifestation of humanity, tolerance, friendliness, focus on resolving conflict situations in the professional sphere on a non-violent basis. The article considers scientific approaches to understanding the phenomenon of ""tolerance"". There are a number of factors that significantly affect the formation of tolerance in students. The way to the formation of tolerance is the rejection of social prejudices, negative social stereotypes, the development of an objective attitude to man regardless of his individual characteristics, the formation of skills of tolerant interpersonal interaction, the use of lectures, discussions, games and training in educational work . The purpose of this article is to highlight communicative tolerance as a necessary component of pedagogical practice of future professionals. It was emphasized that tolerance is the basis of religious tolerance and peace, prevention of all kinds of extremism, which are of particular importance for a multinational and multi-religious Ukraine.


Competence, Tolerance, Education, Student, Human values