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Peculiarities of Pedagogical Technologies in Distance Education


Tetiana Biliavska, Olha Lianna, Igor Shuliakov, Hanna Babicheva, Liudmyla Vashchuk, Nataliia Savchenko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 312-316


The article provides a theoretical substantiation of the pedagogical interaction of the subjects of the educational process in the context of distance learning; taking into account the identified features of the implementation of pedagogical interaction defined teaching methods in distance learning; a course has been developed that reveals the features of the pedagogical interaction of participants in the educational process in conditions of distance learning. To solve the tasks and check starting points, a set of methods was used: theoretical: analysis of philosophical, psychological and pedagogical literature, dissertation research, curricula, analysis of the conceptual and terminological system; empirical: questioning, conversation, self-diagnosis.


Distance learning, Higher education, Teaching technology, Information Technology.