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Data Security on Cloud by Cryptographic Methods Using Machine Learning Techniques


Swetha Gadde, J. Amutharaj, S. Usha


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 342-347


On Cloud, the important data of the user that is protected on remote servers can be accessed via internet. Due to rapid shift in technology nowadays, there is a swift increase in the confidential and pivotal data. This comes up with the requirement of data security of the user’s data. Data is of different type and each need discrete degree of conservation. The idea of data security data science permits building the computing procedure more applicable and bright as compared to conventional ones in the estate of data security. Our focus with this paper is to enhance the safety of data on the cloud and also to obliterate the problems associated with the data security. In our suggested plan, some basic solutions of security like cryptographic techniques and authentication are allotted in cloud computing world. This paper put your heads together about how machine learning techniques is used in data security in both offensive and defensive ventures, including analysis on cyber-attacks focused at machine learning techniques. The machine learning technique is based on the Supervised, UnSupervised, Semi-Supervised and Reinforcement Learning. Although numerous research has been done on this topic but in reference with the future scope a lot more investigation is required to be carried out in this field to determine how the data can be secured more firmly on cloud in respect with the Machine Learning Techniques and cryptographic methods.


Cloud Computing, Cryptographic Methods, Encryption, Machine Learning Techniques, Secrecy.