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A Framework for Implementing Information Systems Integration to Optimize Organizational Performance


Ali Sirageldeen Ahmed


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 11-20


The primary aim of this study is to investigate the influence of Service Provider Quality (SPQ), System Quality (SQ), Information Quality (IQ), and Training Quality (TQ) on the interconnected aspect of organizational performance known as growth and development (GD). The study examined the influence of information systems (IS) on organisational performance and provided a theory-based technique for conducting research. The theoretical foundation for this study is derived from the widely employed [1]. IS success model in information systems research. The study's framework incorporates several novel elements, drawn from a comprehensive review of both recent and earlier literature, which researchers have utilized to evaluate the dimensions of [1]. In this study, we collected data from a diverse group of 348 individuals representing various industries through a web-based questionnaire. The collected data were subjected to analysis using SPSS. We conducted a multiple regression analysis involving 15 factors to assess several hypotheses regarding the relationship between the independent construct IS effectiveness and the dependent construct organizational performance. Several noteworthy descriptive statistics emerged, which hold significance for management. The study's findings strongly indicate that information systems exert a significant and beneficial influence on organizational performance. To sustain and continually enhance organizational effectiveness, the study recommends that managers periodically scrutinize and assess their information systems.


Information System, Framework, Optimize Performance