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Sharing Economy: A Study On The Factors Affecting The Participation Of Users In The Sharing Platforms


Waad Aldhowayan and Abdul Rauf Baig


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 21-29


Recently there has been an increase in interest and competition in sharing economy platforms. The success stories of many companies have spread in this field, such as Uber, but on the other hand, there are many other companies that have failed. We studied and analyzed the factors that affect the user's participation in the sharing economy platforms as an essential part of this system, and how to maintain the consumer's intention of use without compromising consumer satisfaction, as it has become an issue of great importance on the path to the success of the sharing platforms. Relying on the expanded valence framework and expectation confirmation theory as a basis, we constructed hypotheses that influence intention to participate in participatory platforms. Results show that system quality, trust, perceived benefits, and satisfaction are important factors that positively influence intention to continue to participate. This research is expected to help researchers move forward with research related to the future and help business managers understand user insights and integrate them with their business model to help the success, development and expansion of their business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Sharing Economy; The Extended Valence Framework; Expectation-confirmation model.