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Determine the Critical Factors of Information Systems Success (ISS) to Enhance Customer Satisfaction on SME Performance in Saudi Arabia


Saad A. Almohammadi and Adel A. Bahaddad


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 30-36


In today's worldwide environment, information systems (IS) usage is growing swiftly. As a result, it now affects every aspect of life and serves as a general growth tool for individuals, groups, and governments. information system success (ISS) is affected by customer satisfaction and their acceptance of using these services. In addition, this issue will be a critical thing for SMEs, especially in Saudi Arabia. SMEs have a shortage and lack IT experience and resources. The research's question is What are the ISS that will improve customer satisfaction and SME performance in Saudi Arabia. Through an online survey, The data on how Saudi SMEs succeed in IS was acquired. Citizens and residents users in Saudi Arabia, representing a range of ages and educational backgrounds. In the IS success factors evaluation, which assessed the degree of agreeability and disagreeability of specific statements related to the six dimensions based on the empirical data, it was found that the users agreed with the majority of the claims. For users, usability is the most important feature. This study discovered that enhancing the system's overall user experience might lead to higher overall satisfaction.


DeLone and McLean IS success model, SME performance, Saudi Arabia, customer satisfaction