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Issues of Harmonization of ISO 9001 Standard and the Law 09-08. Protection of Personal Data in Morocco: Potentials and Risks




Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 57-66


Since 2009, Morocco has had a law governing the processing of personal data, the law 09-08, and a supervisory authority, the CNDP (National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data). Since May 2018, the European General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) entered into force, which applies outside the EU in certain cases and therefore to certain Moroccan companies. The question of the protection of personal data is primarily addressed to the customer. The latter may not only be a victim of crime linked to ICT, but also have to face risks linked to the collection and abusive processing of his personal data by the private and public sectors. Often the customer does not really know how their data is stored, nor for how long and for what purpose. This fact raises the question of satisfying customer requirements, in particular for organizations that have adopted a quality approach based on ISO 9001 standard.In order to master these constraints, Moroccan companies have to adopt strategies based on modern quality management techniques, especially the adoption of principles issued from the international standard ISO 9001 while being confirmed by the law 09-08. It is through ISO 9001 and the law 09-08 that these companies can refer to recognized approaches in terms of quality and compliance. The major challenge for these companies is to have a Quality approach that allows the coexistence between the law 09-08 and ISO 9001 standard and this article deals within this specific context.


ISO 9001, personal data, Law 09-08, Quality management, Risk