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Design and Optimization of Four Element Triangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna using PSO Algorithm for Wireless Applications


Dasi swathi


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 67-72


This paper portrays the design and optimization of a wideband four element triangular dielectric resonator antenna (TDRA) using PSO. The proposed antenna's radiation characteristics were extracted using Ansoft HFSS software. At a resonant frequency of 5-7 GHz, the four element antenna provides nearly 21 percent bandwidth and the optimized gives 5.82 dBi peak gain. The radiation patterns symmetry and uniformity are maintained throughout the operating bandwidth. for WLAN (IEEE 802.16) and WiMAX applications, the proposed antenna exhibits a consistent symmetric monopole type radiation pattern with low cross polarisation. The proposed antenna's performance was compared to that of other dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) shapes, and it was discovered that the TDRA uses a lot less radiation area to provide better performance than other DRA shapes and PSO optimized antenna increases the gain of the antenna


Wideband, WLAN, and WiMAX triangular dielectric resonator antenna (TDRA), Probe feed.