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Task Scheduling on Cloudlet in Mobile Cloud Computing with Load Balancing


Poonam and Suman Sangwan


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 73-80


The recent growth in the use of mobile devices has contributed to increased computing and storage requirements. Cloud computing has been used over the past decade to cater to computational and storage needs over the internet. However, the use of various mobile applications like Augmented Reality (AR), M2M Communications, V2X Communications, and the Internet of Things (IoT) led to the emergence of mobile cloud computing (MCC). All data from mobile devices is offloaded and computed on the cloud, removing all limitations incorporated with mobile devices. However, delays induced by the location of data centers led to the birth of edge computing technologies. In this paper, we discuss one of the edge computing technologies, i.e., cloudlet. Cloudlet brings the cloud close to the end-user leading to reduced delay and response time. An algorithm is proposed for scheduling tasks on cloudlet by considering VM's load. Simulation results indicate that the proposed algorithm provides 12% and 29% improvement over EMACS and QRR while balancing the load.


Cloud computing, Cloudlet, Edge Computing, Mobile Cloud computing