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Students’ Performance Prediction in Higher Education Using Multi-Agent Framework Based Distributed Data Mining Approach: A Review


M.Nazir, A.Noraziah, M.Rahmah


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 135-146


An effective educational program warrants the inclusion of an innovative construction which enhances the higher education efficacy in such a way that accelerates the achievement of desired results and reduces the risk of failures. Educational Decision Support System (EDSS) has currently been a hot topic in educational systems, facilitating the pupil result monitoring and evaluation to be performed during their development. Insufficient information systems encounter trouble and hurdles in making the sufficient advantage from EDSS owing to the deficit of accuracy, incorrect analysis study of the characteristic, and inadequate database. DMTs (Data Mining Techniques) provide helpful tools in finding the models or forms of data and are extremely useful in the decision-making process. Several researchers have participated in the research involving distributed data mining with multi-agent technology. The rapid growth of network technology and IT use has led to the widespread use of distributed databases. This article explains the available data mining technology and the distributed data mining system framework. Distributed Data Mining approach is utilized for this work so that a classifier capable of predicting the success of students in the economic domain can be constructed. This research also discusses the Intelligent Knowledge Base Distributed Data Mining framework to assess the performance of the students through a mid-term exam and final-term exam employing Multi-agent system-based educational mining techniques. Using single and ensemble-based classifiers, this study intends to investigate the factors that influence student performance in higher education and construct a classification model that can predict academic achievement. We also discussed the importance of multi-agent systems and comparative machine learning approaches in EDSS development.


Educational Data Mining, Prediction, Distributed, Data Mining, Higher Education, Multi-Agent System, Classification, Computational Intelligence.