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Configurable Smart Contracts Automation for EVM based Blockchains


ZAIN UL ABEDIN, Muhammad Shujat Ali Ashraf Ali, Sana Ejaz


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 147-156


Electronic voting machines (EVMs) are replacing research ballots due to the errors involved in the manual counting process and the lengthy time required to count the votes. Even though these digital recording electronic systems are advancements, they are vulnerable to tampering and electoral fraud. The suspected vulnerabilities in EVMs are the possibility of tampering with the EVM's memory chip or replacing it with a fake one, their simplicity, which allows them to be tampered with without requiring much skill, and the possibility of double voting. The vote data is shared among all network devices, and peer-to-peer verification is performed to ensure the vote data's authenticity. To successfully tamper with the system, all of the data stored in the nodes must be changed. This improves the proposed system's efficiency and dependability. Elections and voting are fundamental components of a democratic system. Various attempts have been made to make modern elections more flexible by utilizing digital technologies. The fundamental characteristics of free and fair elections are intractability, immutability, transparency, and the privacy of the actors involved. This corresponds to a few of the many characteristics of blockchain-like decentralized ownership, such as chain immutability, anonymity, and distributed ledger. This working research attempts to conduct a comparative analysis of various blockchain technologies in development and propose a 'Blockchain-based Electronic Voting System' solution by weighing these technologies based on the need for the proposed solution. The primary goal of this research is to present a robust blockchain-based election mechanism that is not only reliable but also adaptable to current needs.


Smart Contracts, Automation, EVM, Blockchains, Solidity, Ethereum, Hyperledger, JSON