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Trusted and Transparent Blockchain-based Land Registration System


Fatmah Bayounis, Sana Dehlavi, Asmaa Azimudin, Taif Alghamdi, And Aymen Akremi


Vol. 23  No. 10  pp. 214-224


Fraudulence, cheating, and deception can occur in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, besides the difficulty in searching for and transferring properties while ensuring the operation is processed through an authoritative source in a trusted manner. Nowadays, real estate transactions use neutral third parties to sell land. Indeed, properties can be sold by the owners or third parties multiple times or without a proper deed. Moreover, third parties request a large amount of money to mediate between the seller and buyer. Methods: We propose a new framework that uses a private blockchain network and predefined BPMN instances to enable the fast and easy recording of deeds and their proprietary transfer management controlled by the government. The blockchain allows for multiple verifications of transactions by permitted parties called peers. It promotes transparency, privacy, trust, and commercial competition. Results: We demonstrated the easy adoption of blockchain for land registration and transfer. The paper presents a prototype of the implemented product that follows the proposed framework. Conclusion: The use of Blockchain-based solutions to resolve the current land registration and transfer issues is promising and will contribute to smart cities and digital governance.


Land registration, Land transfer, Blockchain, Trust, Transparency, BPMN.