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Self-Sovereign Identity Management: A Comparative Study and Technical Enhancements


Noot A. Alissa and Waleed A. Alrodhan


Vol. 23  No. 12  pp. 27-80


Nowadays usage of different applications of identity management IDM demands prime attention to clarify which is more efficient regarding preserve privacy as well as security to perform different operations concerning digital identity. Those operations represent the available interactions with identity during its lifecycle in the digital world e.g., create, update, delete, verify and so on. With the rapid growth in technology, this field has been evolving with a number of IDM models being proposed to ensure that identity lifecycle and face some significant issues. However, the control and ownership of data remines in the hand of identity service providers for central and federated approaches unlike in the self-sovereign identity management SSIM approach. SSIM is the recent IDM model were introduced to solve the issue regarding ownership of identity and storing the associated data of it. Thus, SSIM aims to grant the individual’s ability to govern their identities without intervening administrative authorities or approval of any authority. Recently, we noticed that numerous IDM solutions enable individuals to own and control their identities in order to adapt with SSIM model. Therefore, we intend to make comparative study as much of these solutions that have proper technical documentation, reports, or whitepapers as well as provide an overview of IDM models. We will point out the existing research gaps and how this study will bridge it. Finally, the study will propose a technical enhancement, everKEY solution, to address some significant drawbacks in current SSIM solutions.


Self-sovereign identity, blockchain-based identity management, decentralized digital identity, emerging identity solutions, identity management models.