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Classification of Network Traffic using Machine Learning for Software Defined Networks


Muhammad Shahzad Haroon and Dr Husnain Mansoor


Vol. 23  No. 12  pp. 91-100


As SDN devices and systems hit the market, security in SDN must be raised on the agenda. SDN has become an interesting area in both academics and industry. SDN promises many benefits which attract many IT managers and Leading IT companies which motivates them to switch to SDN. Over the last three decades, network attacks becoming more sophisticated and complex to detect. The goal is to study how traffic information can be extracted from an SDN controller and open virtual switches (OVS) using SDN mechanisms. The testbed environment is created using the RYU controller and Mininet. The extracted information is further used to detect these attacks efficiently using a machine learning approach. To use the Machine learning approach, a dataset is required. Currently, a public SDN based dataset is not available. In this paper, SDN based dataset is created which include legitimate and non-legitimate traffic. Classification is divided into two categories: binary and multi-class classification. Traffic has been classified with or without dimension reduction techniques like PCA and LDA. Our approach provides 98.58% of accuracy using a random forest algorithm.


SDN, Security, Machine learning, Openflow, dataset