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Social Networks As A Tool Of Marketing Communications


Nataliia Liashuk


Vol. 23  No. 12  pp. 137-144


The relevance of the research topic lies in the necessity to use social networks as innovative tools of marketing communications. A wide audience and the ability to segment the market for a specific consumer determine the construction of a corporate strategy, which will be based on using the social networking approach. The spread of the global coronavirus pandemic has led to the rapid development of remote communication channels between the company and the customer. The issue of using marketing tools in social networks acquires the most urgent importance in the modern world of the introduction and implementation of the company’s marketing strategies. The purpose of the academic paper is to study the use of social networks as features of implementing the marketing campaign. Social networks are the result of the development of digital technologies and the processes of creating an information society involved in the digital space. The objectives of the research are to analyse the opportunity of using social networks as a tool for marketing communications and their implementation at the level of its widespread use by enterprises and establishments. It is significant to create an advertising campaign by defining the target audience and outlining the key aspects, on which the company is focused. The research methodology consists in determining the theoretical and methodological approaches to the essence of introducing social networks and their practical importance in the implementation of marketing activities of companies. The obtained results can significantly improve the quality of functioning of modern enterprises and organizations that plan to master a new market segment or gain competitive advantages in the existing one. The academic paper examines the essence of social networks as a tool of marketing communications. The key principles of the development of digital social platforms were revealed. The quality of implementing the advertising campaign in the social network was studied, and further prospects for the development of using social networks as a component of the marketing strategy were outlined. Therefore, the academic paper analyses the problems of using social networks as a marketing tool.


advertising, advertising campaign, digital technologies, information society, marketing strategy, marketing tools, social networks, social platform.