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Segmentation of Mammography Breast Images using Automatic Segmen Adversarial Network with Unet Neural Networks


Suriya Priyadharsini.M and Dr. J.G.R Sathiaseelan


Vol. 23  No. 12  pp. 151-160


Breast cancer is the most dangerous and deadly form of cancer. Initial detection of breast cancer can significantly improve treatment effectiveness. The second most common cancer among Indian women in rural areas. Early detection of symptoms and signs is the most important technique to effectively treat breast cancer, as it enhances the odds of receiving an earlier, more specialist care. As a result, it has the possible to significantly improve survival odds by delaying or entirely eliminating cancer. Mammography is a high-resolution radiography technique that is an important factor in avoiding and diagnosing cancer at an early stage. Automatic segmentation of the breast part using Mammography pictures can help reduce the area available for cancer search while also saving time and effort compared to manual segmentation. Autoencoder-like convolutional and deconvolutional neural networks (CN-DCNN) were utilised in previous studies to automatically segment the breast area in Mammography pictures. We present Automatic SegmenAN, a unique end-to-end adversarial neural network for the job of medical image segmentation, in this paper. Because image segmentation necessitates extensive, pixel-level labelling, a standard GAN's discriminator's single scalar real/fake output may be inefficient in providing steady and appropriate gradient feedback to the networks. Instead of utilising a fully convolutional neural network as the segmentor, we suggested a new adversarial critic network with a multi-scale L1 loss function to force the critic and segmentor to learn both global and local attributes that collect long- and short-range spatial relations among pixels. We demonstrate that an Automatic SegmenAN perspective is more up to date and reliable for segmentation tasks than the state-of-the-art U-net segmentation technique.


Convolution neural network; SegmenAN; deep learning; medical image segmentation; computer aided diagnosis; DC-Unet