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Hyperspectral Image Classification using EfficientNet-B4 with Search and Rescue Operation Algorithm


S.Srinivasan, Dr.K.Rajakumar


Vol. 23  No. 12  pp. 213-219


In recent years, popularity of deep learning (DL) is increased due to its ability to extract features from Hyperspectral images. A lack of discrimination power in the features produced by traditional machine learning algorithms has resulted in poor classification results. It's also a study topic to find out how to get excellent classification results with limited samples without getting overfitting issues in hyperspectral images (HSIs). These issues can be addressed by utilising a new learning network structure developed in this study.EfficientNet-B4-Based Convolutional network (EN-B4), which is why it is critical to maintain a constant ratio between the dimensions of network resolution, width, and depth in order to achieve a balance. The weight of the proposed model is optimized by Search and Rescue Operations (SRO), which is inspired by the explorations carried out by humans during search and rescue processes. Tests were conducted on two datasets to verify the efficacy of EN-B4, with Indian Pines (IP) and the University of Pavia (UP) dataset. Experiments show that EN-B4 outperforms other state-of-the-art approaches in terms of classification accuracy.


Deep Learning; Features; EfficientNet-B4; Search and Rescue Operation; Learning Rate; Overfitting.