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Mobile Ultra-Broadband, Super Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence for 6G Visions


Hamza Ali Alshawabkeh


Vol. 23  No. 12  pp. 235-245


Smart applications based on the Network of Everything also known as Internet of Everything (IoE) are increasing popularity as network connectivity requires rise further. As a result, there will be a greater need for developing 6G technologies for wireless communications in order to overcome the primary limitations of visible 5G networks. Furthermore, implementing neural networks into 6G will bring remedies for the most complex optimizing networks challenges. Future 6G mobile phone networks must handle huge applications that require data and an increasing amount of users. With a ten-year time skyline from thought to the real world, it is presently time for pondering what 6th era (6G) remote correspondence will be just before 5G application. In this article, we talk about 6G dreams to clear the street for the headway of 6G and then some. We start with the conversation of imaginative 5G organizations and afterward underline the need of exploring 6G. Treating proceeding and impending remote organization improvement in a serious way, we expect 6G to contain three critical components: cell phones super broadband, very The Web of Things (or IoT and falsely clever (artificial intelligence). The 6G project is currently in its early phases, and people everywhere must envision and come up with its conceptualization, realization, implementation, and use cases. To that aim, this article presents an environment for Presented Distributed Artificial Intelligence as-a-Services (DAIaaS) supplying in IoE and 6G applications. The case histories and the DAIaaS architecture have been evaluated in terms of from end to end latency and bandwidth consumption, use of energy, and cost savings, with suggestion to improve efficiency.


Smart Services, 6G Wireless Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Service (DAIaaS), Mobile Ultra-Broadband, Technologies.