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Studying The Topic Of The Function Extremum Of Two Variables In The Conditions Of Remote Learning And Application Of Digital Technologies


Krupskyi Yaroslav, Tiytiynnyk Oksana, Kosovets Olena, and Soia Olena


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 1-8


In contemporary education, the rapid advancement of digital technologies elevates demands for integrating the latest tools into the learning process. Mathematical analysis, as a discipline, benefits from computer mathematics in distance education, enhancing practical aspects and enabling individualized learning. This article addresses the integration of the Maple computer mathematics system into higher education, specifically in teaching ""Mathematical Analysis."" Emphasizing its role in distance learning, computer mathematics optimizes the educational environment, reducing the time required for knowledge acquisition. The article showcases the application of Maple in finding extremum points and introduces an educational software simulator, enabling students to practice the method. The simulator, developed within Maple, facilitates self-checking and enhances the study of functions. Conclusions drawn from the study highlight the positive impact of these tools on distance education, affirming Maple's role in enhancing professional training and information culture among higher education students.


training Maple-simulator; digital technologies; system of computer mathematics; method of finding extremum of function of two variables; typical problems of mathematical analysis; Maple.