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Design and Implementation of Low-Cost Articulate Manipulator for Academic Applications


Muhammad Asim Ali and Farhan Ali Shah


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 17-22


The objective of this work is to design a low cost yet fully functional 4-DOF articulate manipulator for educational applications. The design is based on general purpose, programmable smart servo motors namely the Dynamixel Ax-12. The mechanism for motion was developed by formulating the equations of kinematics and subsequent solutions for joint space variables. The trajectory of end-effector in joint variable space was determined by interpolation of a 3rd order polynomial. The solutions were verified through computer simulations and ultimately implemented on the hardware. Owing to the feedback from the built-in sensors, it is possible to correct the positioning error due to loading effects. The proposed solution offers an efficient and cost-effective platform to study the trajectory planning as well as dynamics of the manipulator.


4 DoF Manipulator, Educational Robot, Programmable Robotic Arm.