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Using GIS to Determine the Best Areas for Displacement from Khartoum State to Other States in Sudan


Eihab .A .M Osman


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 23-30


This study tries clarify the process of making decisions with geographic information systems and how to choose the best place for Khartoum State displaced people to relocate to in order to be closer to cheaper places with access to commodities and services. For network analysis, use a unique model. The network analysis tool was dependent on the following information: availability of goods and services, cheap cost, and proximity to the state of choosing the best state. The study came to the conclusion that, in terms of accessibility, affordability, and availability of products and services, Gezira State is the best state for people who have been displaced from Khartoum State.When developing a new model, we recommend that all GIS users apply the theories of spatial analysis.


GIS; Arc GIS; Map Layers. best state