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Artificial Intelligence Application using Nutcracker Optimization Algorithm to Enhance Efficiency & Reliability of Power Systems via Optimal Setting and Sizing of Renewable Energy Sources as Distributed Generations in Radial Distribution Systems


Nawaf A. AlZahrani, Mohammad Hamza Awedh, and Ali M. Rushdi


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 31-44


People have been using more energy in the last years. Several research studies were conducted to develop sustainable energy sources that can produce clean energy to fulfill our energy requirements. Using renewable energy sources helps to decrease the harm to the environment caused by conventional power plants. Choosing the right location and capacity for DG-RESs can greatly impact the performance of Radial Distribution Systems. It is beneficial to have a good and stable electrical power supply with low energy waste and high effectiveness because it improves the performance and reliability of the system. This research investigates the ideal location and size for solar and wind power systems, which are popular methods for producing clean electricity. A new artificial intelligent algorithm called Nutcracker Optimization Algorithm (NOA) is used to find the best solution in two common electrical systems named IEEE 33 and 69 bus systems to examine the improvement in the efficiency & reliability of power system network by reducing power losses, making voltage deviation smaller, and improving voltage stability. Finally, the NOA method is compared with another method called PSO and developed Hybrid Algorithm (NOA+PSO) to validate the proposed algorithm effectiveness and enhancement of both efficiency and reliability aspects.


Artificial intelligence algorithms, efficiency, reliability, renewable energy sources, nutcracker optimization algorithm, distributed generation, radial distribution systems.