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A Parallel Algorithm for Finding Routes in Cities with Diagonal Streets


Hatem M. El-Boghdadi


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 45-51


The subject of navigation has drawn a large interest in the last few years. The navigation within a city is to find the path between two points, source location and destination location. In many cities, solving the routing problem is very essential as to find the route between different locations (starting location (source) and an ending location (destination)) in a fast and efficient way. This paper considers streets with diagonal streets. Such streets pose a problem in determining the directions of the route to be followed. The paper presents a solution for the path planning using the reconfigurable mesh (R-Mesh). R-Mesh is a parallel platform that has very fast solutions to many problems and can be deployed in moving vehicles and moving robots. This paper presents a solution that is very fast in computing the routes.


Path planning, parallel computation, branching streets.