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A Performance Comparison between XEN and KVM Hypervisors While Using Cryptographic Algorithms


Mohammed Al-Shalabi, Waleed K. Abdulraheem, Jafar Ababneh, Nader Abdel Karim


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 61-70


Cloud Computing is internet-based computing, where the users are provided with whatever service they need from the resources, software, and information. Recently, the security of cloud computing is considered as one of the major issues for both cloud service providers CSP and end-users. Privacy and highly confidential data make many users refuse to store their data within cloud computing, since data on cloud computing is not dully secured. The cryptographic algorithm is a technique which is used to maintain the security and privacy of the data on the cloud. In this research, we applied eight different cryptographic algorithms on Xen and KVM as hypervisors on cloud computing, to be able to measure and compare the performance of the two hypervisors. Response time and CPU utilization while encryption and decryption have been our aspects to measure the performance. In terms of response time and CPU utilization, results show that KVM is more efficient than Xen on average at 11.5% and 11% respectively. While TripleDES cryptographic algorithm shows a more efficient time response at Xen hypervisor than KVM.


Computing, Virtualization, Hypervisors, Xen; KVM, Cryptographic Algorithm