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Adversarial Attacks and Defense Strategy in Deep Learning


Sarala D.V and Dr.Thippeswamy Gangappa


Vol. 24  No. 1  pp. 127-132


With the rapid evolution of the Internet, the application of artificial intelligence fields is more and more extensive, and the era of AI has come. At the same time, adversarial attacks in the AI field are also frequent. Therefore, the research into adversarial attack security is extremely urgent. An increasing number of researchers are working in this field. We provide a comprehensive review of the theories and methods that enable researchers to enter the field of adversarial attack. This article is according to the Why? - What? - How? research line for elaboration. Firstly, we explain the significance of adversarial attack. Then, we introduce the concepts, types, and hazards of adversarial attack. Finally, we review the typical attack algorithms and defense techniques in each application area. Facing the increasingly complex neural network model, this paper focuses on the fields of image, text, and malicious code and focuses on the adversarial attack classifications and methods of these three data types, so that researchers can quickly find their own type of study. At the end of this review, we also raised some discussions and open issues and compared them with other similar reviews.


Adversarial Attack, Defenses, Deep Learning.