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Novel ANFIS based SMC with Fractional Order PID Controller for Non Linear Interacting Coupled Spherical Tank System for Level Process


Jegatheesh A, Agees Kumar C


Vol. 24  No. 2  pp. 169-177


Interacting Spherical tank has maximum storage capacity is broadly utilized in industries because of its high storage capacity. This two tank level system has the nonlinear characteristics due to its varying surface area of cross section of tank. The challenging tasks in industries is to manage the flow rate of liquid. This proposed work plays a major role in controlling the liquid level in avoidance of time delay and error. Several researchers studied and investigated about reducing the nonlinearity problem and their approaches do not provide better result. Different types of controllers with various techniques are implemented by the proposed system. Intelligent Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) based Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) with Fractional order PID controller is a novel technique which is developed for a liquid level control in a interacting spherical tank system to avoid the external disturbances perform better result in terms of rise time, settling time and overshoot reduction. The performance of the proposed system is obtained by analyzing the simulation result obtained from the controller. The simulation results are obtained with the help of FOMCON toolbox with MATLAB 2018. Finally, the performance of the conventional controller (FOPID, PID-SMC) and proposed ANFIS based SMC-FOPID controllers are compared and analyzed the performance indices.


Nonlinear system, Performance indices, ANFIS based Sliding Mode Controller with Fractional order PID, PID controller, Spherical Tank System, FOPID Controller.