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Behavioral Tendency Analysis towards E-Participation for Voting in Political Elections using Social Web


Hussain Saleem, Jamshed Butt2, Altaf H. Nizamani, Amin Lalani, Fawwad Alam, Samina Saleem


Vol. 24  No. 2  pp. 189-195


The issue “Exploring Social Media and Other Crucial Success Elements of Attitude towards Politics and Intention for Voting in Pakistan” is a huge study embracing more issues. The politics of Pakistan is basically the politics of semantic groups. Pakistan is a multilingual state more than six languages. There are 245 religious parties in Pakistan, as elaborated by the Daily Times research. The use of social media sites in Pakistan peaked to its maximum after announcement of election schedule by the Election Commission of Pakistan in March 22, 2013. Most of the political parties used it for the recent elections in Pakistan to promote their agenda and attract country`s 80 million registered electors. This study was aiming to investigate the role of social media and other critical variables in the attitude towards politics and intention for voting.


Social Media; E-Participation; Behavioral Tendency Analysis; Political Elections; E-Voting