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An Efficient E-learning and Internet Service Provision for Rural Areas Using High-Altitude Platforms during COVID-19 Pan-Demic


Sameer Alsharif, Rashid A. Saeed, and Yasser Albagory


Vol. 24  No. 3  pp. 71-82


This paper proposes a new communication system for e-learning applications to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 where the online massive demands impact the current commu-nications systems infrastructures and capabilities. The proposed system utilizes high-altitude platforms (HAPs) for fast and efficient connectivity provision to bridge the communication in-frastructure gap in the current pandemic. The system model is investigated, and its performance is analyzed using adaptive antenna arrays to achieve high quality and high transmission data rates at the student premises. In addition, the single beam and multibeam HAP radio coverage scenarios are examined using tapered uniform concentric circular arrays to achieve feasible communication link requirements.


COVID-19; e-learning; High-Altitude Platforms; Adaptive Arrays