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Understanding Driver Compliance Behaviour at Signalised Intersection for Developing Conceptual Model of Driving Simulation


Aznoora Osman, Nadia Abdul Wahab, and Haryati Ahmad Fauzi


Vol. 24  No. 3  pp. 142-150


A conceptual model represents an understanding of a system that is going to be developed, which in this research, a driving simulation software to study driver behavior at signalised intersections. Therefore, video observation was conducted to study driver compliance behaviour within the dilemma zone at signalised intersection, with regards to driver’s distance from the stop line during yellow light interval. The video was analysed using Thematic Analysis and the data extracted from it was analysed using Chi-Square Independent Test. The Thematic Analysis revealed two major themes which were traffic situation and driver compliance behaviour. Traffic situation is defined as traffic surrounding the driver, such as no car in front and behind, car in front, and car behind. Meanwhile, the Chi-Square Test result indicates that within the dilemma zone, there was a significant relationship between driver compliance behaviour and driver’s distance from the stop line during yellow light interval. The closer the drivers were to the stop line, the more likely they were going to comply. In contrast, drivers showed higher non-compliant behavior when further away from stop line. This finding could help in the development of conceptual model of driving simulation with purpose in studying driver behavior.


dilemma zone, signalised intersection, driver compliance behavior, thematic analysis.