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A Hybrid Blockchain-Based Approach for Secure and Efficient IoT Identity Management


Abdulaleem Ali Almazroi, Nouf Atiahallah Alghanmi


Vol. 24  No. 4  pp. 11-25


The proliferation of IoT devices has presented an unprecedented challenge in managing device identities securely and efficiently. In this paper, we introduce an innovative Hybrid Blockchain-Based Approach for IoT Identity Management that prioritizes both security and efficiency. Our hybrid solution, strategically combines the advantages of direct and indirect connections, yielding exceptional performance. This approach delivers reduced latency, optimized network utilization, and energy efficiency by leveraging local cluster interactions for routine tasks while resorting to indirect blockchain connections for critical processes. This paper presents a comprehensive solution to the complex challenges associated with IoT identity management. Our Hybrid Blockchain-Based Approach sets a new benchmark for secure and efficient identity management within IoT ecosystems, arising from the synergy between direct and indirect connections. This serves as a foundational framework for future endeavors, including optimization strategies, scalability enhancements, and the integration of advanced encryption methodologies. In conclusion, this paper underscores the importance of tailored strategies in shaping the future of IoT identity management through innovative blockchain integration.


IoT Identity Management, Hybrid Blockchain, Secure IoT, Efficient Identity Management, Implementation, Average Latency, Energy Efficiency