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A Predictive Virtual Machine Placement in Decentralized Cloud using Blockchain


Suresh B.Rathod


Vol. 24  No. 4  pp. 60-66


Host’s data during transmission. Data tempering results in loss of host’s sensitive information, which includes number of VM, storage availability, and other information. In the distributed cloud environment, each server (computing server (CS)) configured with Local Resource Monitors (LRMs) which runs independently and performs Virtual Machine (VM) migrations to nearby servers. Approaches like predictive VM migration [21] [22] by each server considering nearby server’s CPU usage, roatative decision making capacity [21] among the servers in distributed cloud environment has been proposed. This approaches usage underlying server’s computing power for predicting own server’s future resource utilization and nearby server’s resource usage computation. It results in running VM and its running application to remain in waiting state for computing power. In order to reduce this, a decentralized decision making hybrid model for VM migration need to be proposed where servers in decentralized cloud receives, future resource usage by analytical computing system and takes decision for migrating VM to its neighbor servers. Host’s in the decentralized cloud shares, their detail with peer servers after fixed interval, this results in chance to tempering messages that would be exchanged in between HC and CH. At the same time, it reduces chance of over utilization of peer servers, caused due to compromised host. This paper discusses, an roatative decisive (RD) approach for VM migration among peer computing servers (CS) in decentralized cloud environment, preserving confidentiality and integrity of the host’s data. Experimental result shows that, the proposed predictive VM migration approach reduces extra VM migration caused due over utilization of identified servers and reduces number of active servers in greater extent, and ensures confidentiality and integrity of peer host’s data.


Virtual Machine (VM), Computing Host (CH), Decisive Host (DH).