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Psychological and Pedagogical Features the Use of Digital Technology in a Blended Learning Environment


Volkova Nataliia, Poyasok Tamara, Symonenko Svitlana, Yermak Yuliia, Varina Hanna, Rackovych Anna


Vol. 24  No. 4  pp. 127-134


The article highlights the problems of the digitalization of the educational process, which affect the pedagogical cluster and are of a psychological nature. The authors investigate the transformational changes in education in general and the individual beliefs of each subject of the educational process, caused by both the change in the format of learning (distance, mixed), and the use of new technologies (digital, communication). The purpose of the article is to identify the strategic trend of the educational process, which is a synergistic combination of pedagogical methodology and psychological practice and avoiding dialectical opposition of these components of the educational space. At the same time, it should be noted that the introduction of digital technologies in the educational process allows for short-term difficulties, which is a usual phenomenon for innovations in the educational sphere. Consequently, there is a need to differentiate the fundamental problems and temporary shortcomings that are inherent in the new format of learning (pedagogical features).


digitalization of education, blended learning, digital technology, learning process, pandemic education.