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Design and Implementation of Fully Automated Solar Powered Irrigation System


Mohammad Fawzi Al Ajlouni, Essam Ali Al-Nuaimy, Salman Abdul-Rassak Sultan, Ali Hammod AbdulHussein Twaij, Al Smadi Takialddin


Vol. 24  No. 4  pp. 197-205


This paper presents a fully automated stand-alone irrigation system with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) module. Solar energy is utilized to power the system and it is aimed to conserve water by reducing water losses. The system is based on a DC water pump that draws energy from solar panels along with automated water flow control using a moisture sensor. It is also fitted with alert and protection system that consists of an ultrasonic sensor and GSM messages sender that transmits signals showing the levels of the water in the reservoir and the battery charge. The control system is designed to stop the water pump from pumping water either when the battery level drops to equal or less than 10% of its full charge, or when the water level becomes less than 10 cm high in the reservoir. The experimental results revealed that the system is appropriate to use in remote areas with water scarcity and away from the national grid.


Soil Moisture Sensor, Automated Irrigation, Water Pump, Arduino Uno Microcontroller, Ultrasonic Sensor, GSM SIM900 Module