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Architectures for Self-Healing Databases under Cyber Attacks


Peng Liu, Jiwu Jing


Vol. 6  No. 1  pp. 204~216


In this paper, we propose five architectures for self-healing databases under malicious attacks. While traditional secure database systems rely on prevention controls, a self-healing database system can autonomically estimate, locate, isolate, contain, and repair damage caused by attacks in such a way that the database can “heal” itself on-the-fly and continue delivering essential services in the face of attacks. With a focus on attacks by malicious transactions, Architecture I can detect intrusions, and locate and repair the damage caused by the intrusions. Architecture II enhances Architecture I with the ability to isolate attacks so that the database can be immunized from the damage caused by a lot of attacks. Architecture III enhances Architecture I with the ability to dynamically contain the damage in such a way that no damage will leak out during the attack recovery process. Architecture IV enhances Architectures II and III with the ability to adapt the self-healing controls to the changing environment so that a stabilized level of healthiness can be maintained. Architecture V enhances Architecture IV with the ability to deliver differential, quantitative QoIA services to customers.


Self-Healing Databases, Cyber Security, Architectures