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Internal Location Based Services using Wireless Sensor Networks and RFID Technology


MJ.Callaghan, P.Gormley, M.McBride, J.Harkin, TM.McGinnity


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 108-113


Rapid advances in wireless technologies and the near ubiquitous nature of portable mobile devices provide an opportunity to develop and deliver new types of location centric applications and services to users. However the majority of the current location based systems lack sufficient granularity and accuracy. This paper attempts to address some of these issues and presents an internal location tracking system based on the integration of RFID, wireless sensor networks and Wi-Fi that can accurately track users in an environment and subsequently present the user with context aware location specific information. The architecture developed is flexible and could be deployed in a range of application domains including tourism and inventory tracking.


Location based services, RFID, wireless sensory networks.