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A Digital Right Management System using Shared Key Pool for Multimedia Data Protection


Jae-Pyo Park, Moon S.Jun


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 114-121


In this paper we first propose an encryption scheme for encryption of MPEG video data using PKI, second, we propose a shared key pool and encryption/decryption of multimedia data. Third, to reduce huge play-out delay time which occurs when performing decryption on large capacity multimedia data, a double buffer configuration is adopted and a real-time decryption scheme using efficient buffer scheduling is proposed. After designing and implementing the proposed system, tests were then performed using video data files of various sizes for performance evaluation. We verified that the proposed system significantly reduces delay time, including decryption time, when playing back video data files in the client system compared with existing systems.


DRM, PKI, Shared key pool, Licensing agent, Double buffer