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Deriving Differential Auxiliary Information for Self-maintainable Views


Wookey Lee, Myung Keun Shin


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 93-99


We present an innovative method of deriving an auxiliary view from the running databases. During view maintenance, our method minimized to accesses base relations as well as not to re-execute the view definition again. Using this approach, long transactions from the materialized view maintenance intermingled with database transactions can be committed without fear of abort. We use a formal algebraic approach and develop relevant theorems and proofs. For comparison purposes, four corresponding methods are compared: the bottom line base relation method (Base), incremental base relation method (BaseInc), auxiliary view method (AV), and differential file method (DF). We also consider the handicapped cost of storing information as we examine the worst as well as the best case scenarios of our method. Experimental analyses show that the DF method is superior to the other methods in a large data environment of up to 10 Terabyte tuples of relations. The results show that compared with the other methods, the DF method can considerably reduce the number of IO’s. Our most important finding is that the DF method can successfully update the aggregate SPJ views (practically) self-maintainable in the tuple level as well as (theoretically) is independent of the DBMS.


Referential Integrity, View Maintenance, Differential Files, Self-maintainability