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Multi-resolution Compression of Meshes based on Reverse Interpolatory Subdivision Scheme


Ren Chen, Xiaonan Luo, Guifeng Zheng, Ruotian Ling


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 100-108


A new arbitrary triangle mesh compression algorithm based on reverse interpolation subdivision scheme is presented in this study. This algorithm is a lossless compression algorithm. The study iterates reverse interpolation subdivision scheme to simplify the detailed model into a sequence of approximate multi-resolution. A progressive method is constructed to store the meshes and transmit them via wired and wireless network environment using the sequence and the errors. The result shows the proposed method for complex model simplification is efficient and can be used in many relative fields of 3D graphics applications. The increment and decrement of the face number used this algorithm is slow when compared to other methods. It generates more levels of details which are more suitable for multi-resolution representation.


Mesh compression, Multi-resolution Presentation, Progressive Transmission