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Experiences of Building Linux/RTOS Hybrid Operating Environments on Virtual Machine Monitors


Shuichi Oikawa, Megumi Ito


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 146-152


This paper presents our experiences of building Linux/RTOS hybrid operating environments on Xen and Gandalf virtual machine monitors (VMMs). Xen is a popular open source VMM while Gandalf is our in-house virtual machine monitor that was designed and implemented from scratch to be a simple yet extremely lightweight VMM. We ported an RTOS to both Xen and Gandalf, which were enabled to host multiple RTOSes along with Linux. One significant advantage of employing a VMM to construct such a hybrid environment is that OSes executed on a VMM can be spatially and temporally protected from each other. Our experiences and evaluations show that Gandalf's approach, which combines full- and para-virtualization methods, has clear advantages in terms of both implementation cost and runtime cost.


Virtual Machine Monitors, Operating Systems, Real-Time Systems, Information Appliances