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Alpha-Beta Bidirectional Associative Memories Based Translator


Mar?a Elena Acevedo-Mosqueda, Cornelio Y??ez-M?rquez, Itzam? L?pez-Y??ez


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 190-194


Bidirectional Associative Memories (BAM) based on Kosko’s model are implemented through iterative algorithms and present stability problems. Also, these models along with other models based on different methods, have not been able to perfectly recall all trained patterns. In this paper we present an English-Spanish / Spanish-English translator based on a new BAM model denominated Alpha-Beta BAM, whose process is non iterative and does not require to find stable states. The translator recalls the whole set of learned patterns, even when the presented word is incomplete.


Bidirectional Associative Memories, Alpha-Beta Associative Memories, perfect recall, transaltor